We use Solidscape high precision 3D printer which is the only wax model 3D printer built exclusively for fine jewelers. It creates ultra-accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries, clean burnout and superior surface finish.

Here is the printer specification in inches and in mm…

We use Solidscape® Midas™ Castable Material to produce impossibly detailed, directly castable wax models for jewelry. Developed specifically for investment casting jewelry, Midas is optimized to ensure clean burnout without changing your casting process.

  • Durable, true-to-CAD models — no warping, stretching or distortion common with photopolymer resin builds
  • Complex geometries, overhangs and undercuts, flat planes, consistent wall thickness, sharp edges and fine features
  • Direct investment casting in all castable materials, from precious metals to industrial alloys — the only choice for casting in platinum
  • Clean, complete burnout — no ash, residue or porosity
  • Ultra-accurate, high integrity castings with tight tolerances — no thermal expansion
  • The best surface finish in the industry

Please contact Vicky or upload the print file for a quote. We also provide the casting/setting services to the finished product.

Please upload the print file (.stl, .slc, .3dm or .obj)
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